RED for Research

The RED Research Datasets provide cost-effective, consistent time series for regions and industries for the 25 countries (numerous European countries, USA, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong) for economic analysis.

Individual data sets are available for scientific purposes for a nominal fee of EUR 500 (plus VAT).

The Regional Economic Databases allows evaluations of economic and sector-specific development on the basis of meaningful indicators of economic development (gross value added/GDP, employed persons, productivity, etc.):

  •     for the period 1995 - 2015
  •     for more than 1000 regions in 25 countries
  •     for 115 individual industries and numerous industry aggregates

In order to be able to use the data for scientific purposes, it is necessary for you to state your research institution and the research purpose in the order form. In addition, the research results obtained with the help of the RED data must be published. You can publish them either as BAK RED Paper or elsewhere.

The data may only be used for the period and purpose specified in the research proposal. At the end of this period, the original files submitted by us for scientific use and all confidential data extracted from them must be destroyed and your research results (publication) must be transmitted to us. The work will also be disseminated via RePEc (Research Papers in Economics).

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The data can be ordered here. The data are normally delivered as Excel documents. Other formats are available on request.