Modular – flexible – extendable

Every region has it’s own economic, demographic, and geographic profile and – derived from this – individual requirements and specific needs for action. Our products reflect these requirements and can be individually specified to your needss. Our products range from basic data and chart services, SWOT-Analyses to complex strategic consulting. In addition, we offer individual services such as the participation in internal or external workshops, presentations at public or media events or as a neutral and professional sparring partner for strategic questions. Also, the scientific supervision and support of your projects such as “Smart Specialisation” is available.

BAK Regional Economic Analysis: standard products
Data and analyses for sound regional development

Up-to-date, consistent and comparable to the international levelInformative and structured, attractive design, fully editable, including underlying dataWell-founded analyses, visually attractive, implementation-oriented format, directly usableAuthoritative data bases, multiple uses, customised, including background information
Individual data setsUser-definable samplesUser-definable samplesExtensive database access
Flexible Excel database formatDelivered in PowerPoint and ExcelDelivered in Word and ExcelDelivered as requested
Can be delivered within 3 days/non-recurrent ordersCan be delivered within 3 weeksCan be delivered within 2 months4 deliveries per year/standing orders
Multi-purposeFor internal and external communicationBasis for actionExtensive utilisation options

BAK Regional Economic Analysis: Consultancy
Individuelle, auf ihre Fragestellungen zugeschnittene regionalwissenschaftliche Beratung

Shaping successful regional policy with BAK Economics: sound data, diverse methods and solid competenciesWell-designed and visually appealing information and answersOnline course in cooperation with EPFL LausanneData-based scientific analysis of your questions
Your specific objectivesYour specific objectivesSmart Specialisation: Introduction & MethodsYour specific objectives
Consult us on regional economics issuesPresentations tailored to your needs and your occasion: facts and figures in an attractive and informative packageMassive Online course to understand and learn more on how to conduct smart specialisation projectsAttractively designed reports in Word format with subject-specific underlying datasets where applicable
Processing time: as requiredProcessing time: depending on subject/as requiredFive week course, starting January 2018Processing time depends on scope
Drawing on marcroeconomic expertise to answer your questionsFor internal and external communicationMore info & registrations: Multiple use options: strategy, communication, monitoring