About us

About BAK Economics – «Evidence Based Decision Making»

BAK Economics AG (BAK) is an independent Swiss Economic Research Institute providing comprehensive economic studies on commission and making the knowledge gained available to politics, the economy and society.

Macroeconomic, regional as well as industry specific questions on an empirical and quantitative basis are at the heart of the research at BAK. This includes overall economic forecasts and scenarios, regional analyses and sector studies as well as impact analyses (Economic Footprint) and a wide range of studies regarding public finances. BAK measures the attractiveness and competitiveness of regions and develops strategic recommendations based on international benchmarking analyses (BAK Regional Economic Database).

BAK supports and consults clients regarding customer-specific communication and facilitates the communication in the most effective way, be it with presentations/speeches, on specific websites or at public conferences.The combination of economic consultancy, forecasting and research is a unique company combination in which BAK excels by having established itself in the market with an excellent reputation.


About the photographs shown on this page – the Airpano-Project

The photographs on this website show a selection of the work of the non-commercial AirPano-Project – an award.winning Russian group of photographers. Regional economic regional analysis in combination with the aesthetic appeal of the aereal view of the regions – “Economics meets Art”.