RED for Regions

Data subscription

Subscription to the BAK Regional Economic Database provides continuous access to the Regional Economic Database.

The advantages in detail:

  • Access to all time series for a maximum of 100 regions
  • Up to four data deliveries per year (xls, txt as required) with brief explanations for each indicator
  • On request, individual regional and sector aggregates can be formed on the basis of the database
  • Publication rights for selected database contents
  • BAK Help Desk: BAK employees are available to answer any questions you may have
  • Chart set of an international benchmarking comparison


Data on economic and industry-specific developments as well as on the attractiveness of a location can be flexibly combined and thus enable data-supported evaluations that are precisely tailored to your questions.

The delivered data sets provide:

  • Custom-fit region and country samples
  • Detailed sector data: 115 individual sectors and numerous sector aggregates and clusters (life sciences, financial markets, trade, logistics...)
  • Meaningful economic performance indicators such as gross value added and gross domestic product (per capita, nominal and real, in CHF, EUR and USD), productivity and labour costs
  • Selected and proven indicators on the key areas of regional location attractiveness: accessibility, taxation, regulation, innovation and skilled labour.

A list of regions, sectors and indicators is available here. The data is usually delivered as an Excel document. Other formats are available on request.